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Intelligence is an Ableist Concept

My Story is Mine to Tell - Part 3

Parenting and Advocating With Autistic Children

My Story is Mine to Tell - Part 2

My Story is Mine to Tell

Autistic Representation Needs Autistic Voices

Proudly Autistic

ABA Providers Making fun of Autistics

I Resist - Poem

Autism Parenting Magazine - Disinformation and Silencing of Autistics

The Failings of Person First Language - Autism Women's Network

When Disabled Students are Abused - Ollibean

Autism Acceptance Requires Action - Autism Women's Network

The Criminalization of Disabled Students - Ollibean

Autism, Movement, Neurodiversity - Autism Women's Network

Autistic, Non-Speaking, and "Intelligent" - Ollibean

Alex, Autistic Teen, Victim of Hate - PACLA blog

Epilepsy, Medical Marijuana, and a Letter to President Obama

Acceptance and Representation - Autism Women's Network

The Gymnastics of Person First Language - Ollibean

Universal Design and Disability Acceptance - Ollibean

Disability, Safety, and Value - Ollibean

Awesomely Autistic, Awesomely Distinguishable - Autism Women's Network

Communication and "Autism Specialists" - Ollibean

Epilepsy, and Living Epileptic - Ollibean

Disability, Dignity and "Cost" - Ollibean

#LiveBoldly You and I - #MeWithYou - Autism Women's Network

Disabled TV Characters and Positive Outcomes - Ollibean

Why Disabled People Write About Ableism - Ollibean

Autism "Awareness" and May Flowers - Poem - Ollibean

I Am Aware Of You - Poem - Ollibean

Autistic Conversion Therapy - Autism Women's Network

Parents, Are You Listening To Your Child? - Ollibean

Normalcy Is an Ableist Concept - Ollibean

Person First Language and Ableism - Ollibean

About the Autism Society of America on DDoM2016 - PACLA Blog

Have Some ABA, or Else - Autism Women's Network

Disability History and Pop Culture - Ollibean

Still Waiting - Autism Women's Network

Privacy versus Popularity - Ollibean

Disability, Ableism, and Assumptions - Ollibean

Walk In My Shoes - Autism Women's Network

Walk In My Shoes - Walk In Our Shoes Blog

Bigots - Ollibean

Music - Poem - Barking Sycamores

Autistic and Epileptic, In a Rock Concert - The Avid Listener

Stigma - Autism Women's Network

Disabled Lives and Respect - Ollibean

Assumptions and Ableism - Ollibean

Privacy, And Parental Behavior - Ollibean

What does Autism Speaks "Call For Unity" Mean - Autism Women's Network

On Not Being "Pretty" - Ollibean

Sharisa Joy Kockmeister - Give Her Back The Right to Communicate

Why I #BaycottAutismSpeaks - Flashblog website

Why I #BoycottAutismSpeaks - Autism Women's Network

Accommodations - They Make All the Difference - Ollibean

Privacy - Autism Women's Network

Ableism and Pity. Reject Them, Be Awesome - Ollibean

Inspired? What Are You Going To Do Now? - Ollibean

It's May... We Are Moving Forward - Autism Positivity Website

Acceptance, Love, and Self Care: #AutismPositivity2015 - Autism Positivity Website

Acceptance, Love, and Self Care: #AutismPositivity2015 - Autism Women's Network

Acceptance, Love, and Self Care: #AutismPositivity2015 - Ollibean

Synesthesia - Ollibean

Being Comfortable In My Skin - Ollibean

Celebrating My Life - Ollibean

Tell Me About Your Autism Awareness Month - Autism Women's Network

I Don't Want Your Awareness - Ollibean

Demanding, Not Asking, To Be Valued - Autism Women's Network

Interview About ABA - Carnival of Souls

Uncontainable Presence - Poem - Ollibean

Meet Amy Sequenzia - Profile - Autism Women's Network

Being - Poem - Ollibean

Disabled People Being Silenced By Unethical Media - Autism Women's Network

#AutismSpeaks10 - Time To Shut Up - Ollibean

My Thoughts on ABA - Autism Women's Network

Drop, Settle + Train - Ollibean

Talking to Autism "Advocacy" Organizations - Ollibean

Dear Pope Francis - Autism Women's Network

#FreeNeli - Ollibean

Disability Equality is Still Elusive - Autism Women's Network

"Please Don't Murder Us" Shouldn't Be Controversial - Autism Women's Network

Why I Don't Like "Awareness" - Ollibean

If You Walk On Issy's Shoes - Autistics Speaking Day 2014

If You Walk On Issy's Shoes - #IAmNotKelliStapleton #WalkOnIssysShoes Flashblog

Open Letter to Dr. Phil and His Apologists - Autism Women's Network

Attitudes: Information and Education - Ollibean

Attitudes: Grading People - Ollibean

Who Defines Quality of Life? - Autism Women's Network

Attitudes - Communication - Ollibean

Attitudes - Introduction - Ollibean

Is Autism Speaks a Hate Group? - Autism Women's Network

We Cannot Stop - Autism Women's Network

I Don't Want Your "Protection" - Ollibean

Dear Google, Do No Harm - Autism Women's Network

@sesameworkshop This Autistic Wants to Say - #EducateSesame flashblog

@sesameworkshop This Autistic Wants to Say - Ollibean

@sesameworkshop I Am Your Friend - #EducateSesame Flashblog

@sesameworkshop I Am Your Friend - Autism Women's Network

Autistic Pride - Poem - Letters to Autistic Kids Website

Autistic Pride - Poem - 5th Autistic Artistic Carnival (Drive Mom Crazy Website)

Labels - Autism Women's Network

I Don't Want Your "Protection" - Facebook Note

#AutismIsNotACrime - Autism Women's Network

Henry - Poem - Ollibean

We Don't Need Autism Awareness - FAAST Newsletter

What is Autism Positivity - Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog Website

Young Autistics Making Me Happy - Autism Positivity Day Flash Blog Website

What is Autism Positivity? - Autism Women's Network

Young Autistics Making Me Happy - Poem - Ollibean

I Am Autistic - AussieMomNetwork website

Sesame Street, This is an Autistic Speaking - Ollibean

April is Autism Speaks Awareness Month - Autism Women's Network

Autism Acceptance Month 2014 - interview - The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

PACLA - e-magazine - interview

What Does Autism Awareness Do? It Doesn't - Ollibean

Stop Combating Me (first post) - Stop Combating Me Blog

Stop Combating Me (second post) - Stop Combating Me blog

Stop Combating Me - Autism Women's Network

Stop Combating Me - Why I Am Against Euthanasia - Ollibean

Being Disabled and in the Hospital - Ollibean

Love, Not Fear - Poem 2 - Love Not Fear flashblog website

Love, Not Fear - Poem 1 - Love, Not Fear Flashblog site

Love, Not Fear - Poem - Autism Women's Network

Love, Not Fear - Poem - Ollibean

A Message to Suzanne Wright and Autism Speaks - Ollibean

I Define Myself - The Golden Hat Foundation

Walk In My Shoes - Poem - Ollibean

Parent Expectations and Autism Acceptance - Autism Women's Network

Hopes - Ollibean

Remember - Poem - Ollibean

Real Consequences - Ollibean

To the Corporate Supporters of Autism Speaks - Boycott Autism Speaks Website

To the Corporate Supporters of Autism Speaks - Autism Women's Network

Beyond Stereotypes - Poem - Boycott Autism Speaks Website

This Is Autism - This Is Autism Flash Blog website

My Response to Suzanne Wright, Co-Founder of Autism Speaks - "This is Autism" Flash Blog website

This is Autism - Ollibean

My Response to Suzanne Wright, Co-Founder of Autism Speaks - Autism Women's Network

Autistics Are Speaking - Autistics Speaking Day website

My Fingers Speak - Autistics Speaking Day website

Autistics Are Speaking - Autistics Speaking Day - Autism Women's Network

Autistics Speaking Day - My Fingers Speak - Ollibean

My Uncooperative Body - Autism Women's Network

How It Helps - Ollibean

Challenging the Usual Concept of Independence - Diary of a Mom

Ode to The Odd - Poem - Facebook Note

Open Letter to Jon Stewart - Ollibean

More Problems With Functioning Labels - Ollibean

Listening To Autistic Adults - Part II - Autism Women's Network

Listening To Autistic Adults - Part I - Autism Women's Network

Sympathizing, Empathizing, Understanding the Perpetrator - Facebook Note

Dear Issy - Ollibean

Where Was I When Issy, Alex and Their Mothers Needed Help? - Facebook Note

Again, We Mourn - Ollibean

The Reality Behind Those Walls - Ollibean

My Friends Are the Real Thing - Autism Women's Network

I Fall and I Rise Again - Poem - Ollibean

What is Independence Anyway? - We Are Like Your Child

Being Where I can Simply Be - Ollibean

To You, Young Autistic Friend - Poem - Raising Rebel Souls

Things I Need to Say - Autism Women's Network

The Presumption of Competence - Ollibean

Because I Stood With Henry - Ollibean

Activist - Autism Women's Network

My Autistic Fingers - Poem - Autistic Carnival @ Drive Mom Crazy

Untitled - Poem - Ollibean

We Are All Part of One Spectrum - Autism Women's Network

Mother - Poem - Ollibean

Autism Positivity Everyday - Poem - Autism Women's Network

Interview - Madison House Autism Foundation

I Am Autistic - Autism Women's Network

Autism Month - Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST)

Acceptance is Belonging - Autism Acceptance Month: Acceptance is an Action

Pain in My Brain - Ollibean

Autism Speaks, I Want to Say - Autism Women's Network

Belonging - Poem - Autism Acceptance Day

Autistic People Are - Flash blog

Autistic People Should - Flash blog

Not Good Enough, Autism Speaks - Autism Women's Network

Standing With Ashley - Ollibean

Autism Rights Are Human Rights - Ollibean

Autistic People Are - Ollibean

"Loud Hands - Autistic People Speaking", a review - Ollibean

Autistic People Should - Autism Women's Network

How Assistive Technology Breaks Old Myths - Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST)

I Feel Tired - Ollibean

To The Ones Who Once Dismissed Me - Poem - Squag

Autism Acceptance - Leading the Conversation - Autism Women's Network

When Autistics Grade Other Autistics - Ollibean

I Am Autistic And I Know What Autism Is - Ollibean

Sensory Perception - Interview - Spectrum: The Film

Autism in 2012: What We Have Done - Autism Women's Network

It Is About Respect - Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

It Is About Respect - Ollibean

I Need To Thank Some People - Ollibean

Congressman Posey - Another Letter - Facebook Note

Congressman Posey - Facebook Note

Autistic People Spoke - Autism Women's Network

Henry's Victory - Ollibean

I, Too, Want To Understand - Ollibean

Challenging The Usual Concept of Independence - Autism Women's Network

On Facilitated Communication - Interview - The Thinking Person's Guide To Autism

To You, Young Autistic Friend - Poem - Autistics Speaking Day

To You, Young Autistic Friend - Poem - Ollibean

Understanding Autism Acceptance - The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

Supporting Young Autistics - Ollibean

Functioning Labels, Again - Autism Women's Network

Bureaucrats - Poem - Ollibean

I Stand With Henry - Ollibean

Revised Interview - Emma's Hope Book

An Interview With Amy Sequenzia, a Non-Speaking Autistic Writer and Poet - Ariane Zurcher at The Huffington Post

Interview - Emma's Hope Book

It's Not Hate - Autism Women's Network

A Poem About Pain - Poem - Ollibean

Storm - Poem - Ollibean

Friendship and Respect - Ollibean

Change Leader - Interview - Ollibean

Dear Mainstream Media - Ollibean

Non-Speaking Self Advocate on Communication - Autism Women's Network

Being Happy - Autism Women's Network

Ollibean Think Tank Member - Ollibean

Just Me - Ollibean

I Will Win - Poem - Facebook Notes

Happy To Be Myself - Poem - Ollibean

A Different Ability - Poem - Autistic Carnival @ Drive Mom Crazy

Respect How I Choose To Speak - Ollibean

From Ableist To Self Advocate - Autism Women's Network

Why Autism Speaks Hurts Us - Think Inclusive

Autism, Being Autistic and Acceptance - Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Autism, Being Autistic and Acceptance - Autism Now

Autism Speaks: Time to Listen - Ollibean

to "I Wish I Didn't Have Asperger's" - Autism Positivity Project

Presuming Competence - Ollibean

Autism Acceptance Month - Slice of Life - The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism

Epidemic, Awareness and Us, Autistics - Ollibean

After Acceptance - Poem - Facebook Notes

Lives Not Worth Living - Ollibean

Acceptance - Poem - Ollibean

Acceptance - Poem - Facebook Notes

They Were Wrong - Poem - Facebook Note

Be Proud of Who You Are - Interview - Ollibean

My Voice, My Life - Poem - Ollibean

Respect - Poem - Autistics Speaking Day

Non-speaking, “low-functioning” - Shift Journal

My Heart Tells A Story - Poem - Facebook Notes

I Live in a Strange World - Poem - Facebook Note

Disabilities and Poverty - Poem - Facebook Note


  1. Amy, all of your amazing and insightful work in one place!

    Thank you! This is Fabulous!


  2. I am the mother of a verbally limited 16 yr old autistic daughter who also has refractory epilepsy from a TBI acquired from brain tumor surgery at age 2. I have always felt like no one understands her-not even me really, because I have not found a way to help her express herself. I have always felt like ABA was like dog training and my daughter is not an animal. I think I can learn so very much from you. Is there a way to follow your blog? I don't seem to see one.

    1. Hi Sylvia

      Thanks for writing and YAY! for recognizing that ABA is disrespectful.

      I update this blog as my articles are published everywhere else in the web. I admit that I am not very good at website things but I will try to find out how to make it possible for you to receive updates.

      Meanwhile, you can check Ollibean and Autism Women's Network. I blog there more regularly.

  3. Hi Amy,

    I am mommy to a non-verbal 7-year old autistic busy boy!

    I am in the process of developing an app that promotes social skills as I worry about the future of my sweet child.

    Tania Melnyczuk - an aspie in South Africa (where I also live) told me to give you a shout to get your feedback on my app campaign. Please take a look if you can ;) and let me know what you think.


  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.